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POWERED for iPhone

Wireless charging stand for iPhone

POWERED for iPhone

Wireless charging stand for iPhone

CHF 79.90

Stand up for more

Wireless charging with iPhone was meant to be a magical experience—not a flat, finicky pad. But you don’t have to take it lying down. Stand up with POWERED for iPhone, the only wireless charging stand that lives up to the magic of iPhone. Charge or use? Now you can do both at the same time. Effortlessly send messages, watch movies, FaceTime and more without ever cutting power.

  • Optimized for iPhone

    Beautiful in its simplicity, POWERED was designed specifically for iPhone 8 and above. Fine-tuned to deliver up to 7.5W of charging, the easy-to-use stand form factor keeps your favorite apps within sight and ready to use at all times. When your iPhone is in POWERED, you can enjoy hours of non-stop watching, browsing, messaging, and more while charging.1

  • Swiss engineering. California design.

    Logitech has over 35 years of experience designing quality products to our exacting Swiss standards. Rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of precision and safety, POWERED has been engineered to be the first wireless charger truly worthy of iPhone.

  • Charge in landscape or portrait mode

    iPhone has a beautiful screen—so why hide it on a flat charging pad? POWERED supports charging in both landscape and portrait modes, resting your phone’s screen at the perfect angle for watching movies, writing notes, and any other app or activity.

  • Drop and go charging

    Wireless charging should be simple and intuitive, not a game of “find the coils.” The U-shaped cradle ensures perfect phone placement every time. Just drop inside the cradle and go—POWERED takes care of the rest.

  • Unlock at a glance

    One look is all it takes. POWERED holds all iPhone X models at a 65° that’s optimal angle for Face ID®, so you can unlock and access notifications with a glance—no need to ever lift a finger.

  • Designed to fit any room

    Need to answer emails in the bedroom, read recipes in the kitchen, and watch movies in the bathroom? You got it. A small physical footprint allows POWERED to easily fit (and make a stylish addition to) any room in your home.

  • Superior overheat protection

    Enjoy safe, silent charging. POWERED utilizes internal heat sensors to intelligently manage temperature and prevent overheating. If temperatures start to rise too high, a cool-down process kicks in automatically, eliminating the need for noisy fans.

  • Fear no vibration

    The U-shaped cradle keeps iPhone securely in place at all times. A rubberized surface eliminates the risk of phones falling during alert vibrations—no matter how many times mom calls.

  • Glow means go

    Is the light glowing? Then you’re charging. The charging indicator light is designed not to shine too brightly or disturb sleep. If a foreign metal object is detected that might interfere with charging, POWERED will blink to alert you.

Additional Features

Share the power

Not just for iPhone. POWERED delivers up to 5W charging to Qi Certified phones that share similar dimensions and coil configuration to iPhone.

Keep your case on

POWERED works with non-metal cases up to 3mm thick that don’t contain magnetic parts. Apple silicon and leather cases are compatible. iPhone 8 Plus requires case with a fully open bottom.

  • Compatible Devices

    Phone compatibility:

      • iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS MAX, XR
      • Other Qi-enabled phones with similar dimensions / configuration, including:
        • Samsung S9
        • Samsung S9+
        • Samsung S8
        • Samsung S8+
        • Samsung S7
        • Samsung S7 edge

    Case compatibility:

      • Apple Silicone cases
      • Apple leather cases
      • Other cases up to 3mm thick
      • Cases with metal or magnets at back are not compatible
      • For iPhone 8 Plus - case needs to be fully open on the bottom, like in Apple Silicone and leather cases to be compatible


      • Height: 105 mm
      • Width: 100 mm
      • Depth: 75 mm
      • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Technical Specifications

    Charging Output:

    • iPhone - up to 7.5W
    • Other Qi-compatible smartphones - 5W


    • Screen angle: 65 degrees
    • Stand orientation: Portrait and landscape
    • Guided placement with U-shaped charging cradle

    Compact footprint to fit anywhere around the house

    Safety Features:

      • Overheat protection with Internal heat regulating sensors
      • No noisy fans
      • Stable design with no-slip material

    Power Adaptor:

      • Input: 100-240v ~ 50/60Hz 0.5A
      • Output:16.1v -1.125A


      • Integrated charging cable with TPU
      • Length: 1.5m
  • Warranty Information

    2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

    Package Contents

    • Powered Charging Stand with integrated cable
      Power adapter
      User documentation

    Part Number

    PN: 939-001630

  1. Powered delivers up to 7.5W charging for iPhone 8 and above. For all other Qi-enabled devices, up to 5W charging.