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Logitech Mouse
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ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball for Business With science-driven design and easy thumb control, this wireless trackball mouse is engineered to reduce hand movement, keeping the hand and arm relaxed, providing hours of comfort.
LOGI USB-C to A ADAPTOR USB-C to USB-A Adaptor for Logitech wireless products CAD 19.99
LOGI BOLT USB RECEIVER USB receiver to be used with your Logi Bolt wireless mouse and keyboard CAD 19.99
MX Anywhere 3 for Business Ultimate versatility, remarkable performance. Meet the compact mouse designed for mobile work—from home office to cafe to airport lounge.
MX Master 3 for Business Unrivaled precision and performance ideal for analysts, creators, coders, and anyone with highly specialized workflow needs.
Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Mouse Comfy & compact mice with mood-boosting designs CAD 39.99
MX Travel Case Travel case for MX Anywhere 3 or MX Master 3. CAD 29.99
ERGO M575 Wireless Trackball Wireless thumb-operated trackball for all-day comfort CAD 69.99
Logitech Pebble M350 Modern, Slim, and Silent Wireless and Bluetooth Mouse CAD 39.99
MX Anywhere 3 The Master Series by Logitech CAD 99.99
MX Anywhere 3 for Mac The Master Series by Logitech CAD 99.99
M190 Full-Size Wireless Mouse Contoured design, essential comfort for mid to large hands. CAD 19.99
  • Mid Grey
MX Master 3 for Mac The Master Series by Logitech CAD 129.99
Design Collection Wireless Mouse The wireless mouse that’s comfortable, portable, and fresh. CAD 39.99
M705 Marathon Impressive 3 years battery life CAD 69.99
MX MASTER 3 The Master Series by Logitech CAD 129.99
  • Mid Grey
M585 Multi-Device Compact mouse with extra controls CAD 59.99 CAD 39.99 
MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse CAD 129.99
Color Collection Wireless Mouse Compact and comfortable mouse for web scrolling CAD 39.99
Wireless Mouse M545 Compact mouse with extra controls CAD 49.99
USB Unifying receiver USB receiver to be used with a Unifying mouse or keyboard. CAD 19.99
MX ERGO Advanced Wireless Trackball CAD 129.99
M720 Triathlon Multi-device wireless mouse CAD 69.99
M500s ADVANCED CORDED MOUSE Full-Size mouse with a contoured design, hyper-fast wheel and 7 customizable buttons CAD 39.99
Wireless Mouse M525 Compact size, big comfort CAD 49.99
  • Blue
  • Red
Wireless Ultra Portable M187 Pocket-ready, extra-small design CAD 29.99
M330 SILENT PLUS Extra comfort and precision with SilentTouch CAD 39.99
M535 Bluetooth mouse CAD 49.99
M557 Bluetooth Mouse Portable mouse for PC users CAD 49.99
M510 Wireless Mouse Full-size, laser-grade tracking, comfort mouse CAD 44.99
Wireless Mouse M185 Comfortable easy-to-use mouse with reliable durability CAD 29.99
M100 Corded Mouse Comfortable. Durable. Essential CAD 14.99
MX Keys Mini for Business Featuring advanced functionality in sleek minimalist design, MX Keys Mini for Business is great for those who need more workspace—especially creators with a demanding workflow.
MX Keys Mini for Mac Minimalist Wireless Illuminated Keyboard CAD 129.99
MX Keys Mini Minimalist Wireless Illuminated Keyboard CAD 129.99
MX Keys for Business Boost productivity of coders, analysts and creators who need stability, precision and power to work better and truly master what they make.
ERGO K860 Split Keyboard for Business Free users to focus with a science-driven ergonomic keyboard that promotes a more relaxed, natural typing experience designed for hours of comfortable use.
Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 Switch typing between your computer, phone and tablet CAD 69.99
  • Black yellow swatch
  • White grey swatch
MX Keys for Mac Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard CAD 129.99
K380 MULTI-DEVICE BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD FOR MAC Minimalist keyboard for macOS computers, iPads, iPhones CAD 49.99
K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard Minimalist keyboard for computers, tablets and phones CAD 49.99 CAD 39.99 - 49.99
MX KEYS Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard CAD 129.99
ERGO K860 Split Ergonomic Keyboard CAD 149.99
Wireless Keyboard K350 For all-day comfort CAD 79.99
K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Chrome OS Edition Ultra-slim, compact, and quiet keyboard for computers, phones or tablets with a special Chrome OS layout CAD 59.99
MX Palm Rest Premium, no-slip support for hours of comfortable typing. CAD 29.99
Keys-To-Go Ultra-light, Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV CAD 89.99
K845 Mechanical Illuminated Meet the backlit corded mechanical keyboard that melds comfort with precision typing. CAD 79.99 - 99.99
K600 TV Keyboard Smart TV typing and navigation CAD 89.99
LOGITECH CRAFT Advanced Keyboard with Creative Input Dial CAD 259.99
K840 MECHANICAL Corded Keyboard CAD 99.99
K375s MULTI-DEVICE Wireless Keyboard and Stand Combo CAD 59.99
K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard One keyboard. Fully equipped. For computer, phone, and tablet. CAD 99.99
Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830 HTPC keyboard for PC-to-TV control CAD 99.99
K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard Relaxed wireless control of your PC connected TV CAD 49.99 CAD 39.99 
Illuminated Keyboard K740 Slim design and backlit keys CAD 99.99
K360 Wireless Keyboard Compact and thin wireless keyboard CAD 39.99
Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 Hand-proximity backlight CAD 119.99
K750 WIRELESS SOLAR KEYBOARD FOR MAC Ultra-slim and solar powered keyboard for Mac CAD 79.99
K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard Ultra-slim and solar powered keyboard CAD 79.99 CAD 59.99 - 79.99
Keyboard K120 Plug-and-Play USB Keyboard CAD 19.99
R800 Laser Presentation Remote With LCD display for time tracking CAD 99.99
R500 Laser Presentation Remote With broad compatibility CAD 69.99
Spotlight Presentation Remote An advanced digital pointer that works in-person, virtually, or a hybrid of both. CAD 149.99
R400 Laser Presentation Remote For basic slide navigation CAD 69.99 CAD 49.99 
MX Keys Combo for Business Meet the MX Keys for Business and MX Master 3 for Business combo with palm rest. It’s the ultimate key to productivity, giving analysts, creators and coders with advanced workflow needs the power to truly master what they make.
LINE FRIENDS Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Combo Modern, Slim, and Silent Mouse and Keyboard CAD 49.99 - 109.98
ESSENTIAL SOLUTION Instantly familiar. Simply advanced. The everyday desk set-up for your home.
ADVANCED ERGONOMIC SOLUTION The tools you need to work comfortably and perform better.
COMPACT ERGONOMIC SOLUTION The tools you need to work comfortably and perform better.
MK360 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Compact and slim wireless combo CAD 49.99
PERFORMANCE SOLUTION The tools you need to stay focused and execute your highly specialized functions.
MK295 Silent Wireless Combo Work in silence with 90% less clicking and typing noise. CAD 44.99
K380 FOR MAC MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD M350 LOGITECH PEBBLE MOUSE Minimalist, Bluetooth and quiet accessories for Mac CAD 39.99 - 89.98
K380 MULTI-DEVICE KEYBOARD + M350 PEBBLE MOUSE Minimalist, Bluetooth accessories for computers or tablets CAD 39.99 - 89.98
K580 Slim Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard Chrome OS™ Edition + M355 Wireless Mouse Ultra-slim keyboard with Chrome OS layout + silent portable mouse CAD 39.99 - 99.98
Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo MK470 Ultra-slim, compact, and quiet wireless keyboard and mouse combo CAD 59.99
MX900 Performance Combo Power through your tasks with a backlit keyboard and MX Mouse CAD 219.99
MK540 ADVANCED Instantly familiar. Simply advanced. CAD 79.99
MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo CAD 129.99
MK235 WIRELESS KEYBOARD AND MOUSE COMBO Durable. Simple. Wireless CAD 39.99
Wireless Combo MK520 Wireless convenience and control CAD 89.99
MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Full-size wireless combo CAD 44.99
WIRELESS WAVE COMBO MK550 For all-day comfort CAD 99.99
MK120 Corded Keyboard and Mouse Combo Plug-and-Play USB Combo CAD 24.99

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