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Use BASE in the kitchen as a charging home for your iPad Pro. While your iPad Pro is charging, use Siri® to enjoy a new freedom to do things hands free. You can keep chopping tomatoes, mixing the dough or washing the dishes.
With a “Hey Siri” get Siri’s help to:


  • "Set a timer for 5 minutes"

  • "Add tomatoes to my shopping list"

  • "How many grams are in half a pound?"


  • "Play some jazz"

  • "Play my podcast"


  • "FaceTime® Connie"

  • "Send a message to Jonathan: Dinner is ready in 10 minutes"


Set your iPad Pro to charge on BASE on your desk. Use it as an extra screen for your e-mail, calendar, notes, and more. Use the power of Siri to be more efficient, multitask and stay on top of your to-do list.
With a “Hey Siri” get Siri’s help to:

Be more productive

  • "Remind me to call John when I leave work"

  • "Remind me about this later — while looking at Mail, Safari® or Notes"

  • "Take a note"

Plan your time

  • "Set a meeting with Michelle for Monday at 3 pm"

  • "What time is it in Bangkok?"

  • "How many days until September 19th?"


Place your iPad Pro to charge on BASE on your nightstand and make daily routines a breeze. Use Siri’s help to get energized in the morning and wind down at night. With a “Hey Siri” get Siri’s help to:

Start your day

  • "Play my morning playlist"

  • "What’s my schedule for today?"

  • "What’s the weather today?"

  • Set up HomeKit — then tell Siri, “Start the coffee and open the blinds”

Relax at night

  • "Set alarm for 7am"

  • "Tell me a bedtime story"

  • Set up HomeKit — then tell Siri, “Turn off the lights and close the blinds”